10 Home Insurance Discounts You May Not Know About

Did you even know 10 home insurance discounts exist? Having a conversation with an insurance agency you trust can lead to some unexpected savings.

With inflation reaching further into people’s wallets and pocketbooks these days, who doesn’t want to save money?

Every bit helps! If you want to save money on your home insurance premiums, you may be eligible for discounts that you don’t even know about.

Ways to Save

Bundling your home insurance with other policies and/or installing safety features may provide a discount on your home insurance policy. In this article, we’ll discuss the ten best home insurance discounts that you may not know about.

While other savings options exist, these common ways of savings are helping homeowners to stay protected with great insurance coverage while paying a little less.


One of the most common ways to get a discount on your home insurance is to bundle it with other policies.

Bundling is an easy way to save. When you combine your home insurance policy with other policies from the same homeowners insurance company, such as auto or life insurance, you can get a discount on all of the policies.

This is often referred to as a multi-policy discount and can save you a significant amount of money over time.

Most providers offer a discount when you have multiple policies with them.

Protective Device Discount

Another way to save on home insurance is by installing safety devices.

Smoke alarm detectors, security systems, and fire extinguishers are just a few of the safety features that can lead to discounts.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for homes with smoke detectors because they are less likely to suffer from fire damage.

Security and alarm systems also qualify for discounts because they deter burglars and can alert you or the police in case of a break-in.

Home Security Features

Installing protective devices like deadbolts and window locks can also help to lower your home insurance costs.

This is because they provide an added layer of security, making it more difficult for a criminal to break into your home.

Additionally, some insurance companies offer discounts for homes with deadbolts and window locks because they are considered less of a risk.

It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance agent to see if your insurance carrier offers any discounts for these types of safety features.

Non-Smoker Discount

Another discount you may not know about is the non-smoker discount.

This is a type of discount offered by some insurance companies for homes that are smoke-free.

Many insurance companies offer discounts to non-smokers because they pose less of a risk for fire damage.

In addition, they usually give discounts on life insurance policies as well.

Age of Home

The age of home discount is a type of discount that many insurance companies offer to homeowners who have an older home.

Homes that are over 25 years old may be eligible for this type of discount because they pose less risk than newer homes.

Insurance companies often give discounts on these older homes because they tend to have fewer and less expensive repairs.

Additionally, many insurance companies will also offer discounts if the home is a certain distance away from a body of water, such as a lake or ocean.

Claims-Free Discount

One of the best ways to lower your home insurance costs is by taking advantage of a non-claim discount.

This type of discount is offered by many insurance companies as an incentive for homeowners who have not filed any insurance claims in a certain amount of time.

Many times, this type of discount can be applied after three years without filing a claim, although the exact timeline may vary between providers.

Paid in Full

Payment in full is another great way to save on home insurance.

When you pay your homeowners insurance premiums in full, many insurance companies offer a discount that can help lower your overall cost.

This type of discount is especially valuable if you are able to commit to paying your annual premium upfront every year.

It’s also an excellent way to avoid any late fees or interest charges that might be associated with making monthly payments.

Low Risk Home

Your home may qualify for a low risk home discount if considered to have lower risk of experiencing damage from certain types of disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

Homes situated in areas that have a history of these types of disasters may prove eligible for this type of discount.

Additionally, homes with safety features designed to protect against damage from these disasters such as storm shutters and reinforced foundations may also be eligible for this discount.

Multi-Line Discount

If you have multiple types of insurance policies with the same provider, such as a homeowners insurance policy and auto insurance policy, you may qualify for a multi-line discount.

This type of discount offered by some insurance companies rewards customers who purchase multiple policies with them.

By combining your policies, you can often save money on both since the insurer will be able to offer a reduced rate due to the increased business .

Customer Loyalty Discount

Many insurance companies offer loyalty discounts to reward customers who have been with them for a longer period of time.

These types of discounts can range from a small percentage reduction of your premium to more substantial savings, such as increased coverage at no additional cost.

In some cases, you may even be able to qualify for a customer loyalty discount after just one year

If you own more than one property, such as a rental home or vacation home, you may qualify for a customer loyalty discount when adding the additional properties to your home insurance policy.

We Help You Save

Saving money on your home insurance monthly premiums is possible. You (or your insurance agent) should take the time to research and compare discounts while also reviewing your policy regularly and updating it as needed.

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