Lessor’s Risk Insurance

Improve your protection as a landlord.

Protection for You if a Tenant Sues

If you are looking for dependable Shreveport, LA lessor’s risk insurance for your commercial properties, Watley Insurance Group is here to help. We are proud to be the insurance company that our community trusts for all of their needs, and we strive to exceed all expectations with our comprehensive packages, years of experience, and lasting solutions. Whether you are simply looking to upgrade your current plan, expanding your business and need help understanding your specific lessor’s risk coverage needs, or anywhere in between, Watley Insurance Group is here for you.

As a commercial landlord, you are exposed to a great deal of liability. But with our lessor’s risk coverage on your side, you are protected in any instance where a tenant may attempt to sue you for property damage or injuries sustained on your property. This specific coverage can ensure you against slip and fall injuries, weather damage, vandalism, fire, water related damage, auto accidents on the property, theft, and more. Endorsements to the base lessor’s risk insurance policies can even cover other risks like pollution damage, so that you can rest assured you are protected from every angle.

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