Ocean Marine Insurance

A secure insurance policy for property that moves.

What Is Ocean Marine Insurance?

Historically derived from insurance that covered property being shipped overseas, Ocean Marine Insurance specifically covers moveable properties on land. It also covers specialized items that standard property insurance policies can’t cover, like instrumentalities of transportation and communication.

Protect Your Property In Transit

An Ocean Marine Insurance policy is essential for businesses that have many moving parts, but it can also be useful if you own unique property that can’t be insured by a standard policy. Talk to one of our agents today to see if Ocean Marine Insurance is right for you.

When you purchase Ocean Marine Insurance from us, we will shop our trusted carriers for a policy that can cover any of the following:

  • Moveable property & equipment
  • Valuable property in transit over land
  • Bridges, roads, piers, etc.
  • Radio towers, television, computer equipment, and data
  • Legal liability exposures of bailees
  • Property in your temporary care
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