Does Louisiana Homeowners Insurance Cover Leaking Air Conditioners

Food, water, air conditioning. All three prove important to survive in the South.

Sometimes, it requires the reverse order.

We love our air conditioning systems down here where the air in the summer can feel like a sauna.

Too often, we don’t think about HOW much we love our HVAC unit(s) until we have to go without them due to repairs or replacements.

In addition to a great air conditioning system, homeowners in Louisiana understand the importance of having good insurance coverage.

In the event of a disaster or unexpected event, it can provide vital financial protection.

But what about everyday problems that arise in the home? Does Louisiana homeowners insurance cover leaking air conditioners?

This article will explore this question and provide some insight into the types of coverage typically included in a Louisiana standard homeowners standard policy.

Water Damage and an Air Conditioner Leak

Sometimes, you have to deal with the reality of an AC system overflow. Air conditioners create water as they operate (as anyone who’s walked under a dripping window unit knows all too well).

If your AC unit doesn’t have regular maintenance, that water can get into your home and cause damage.

And here’s the thing: if the leaking happens because you didn’t properly maintain the unit, then your homeowners insurance may not cover the damage from wear.

If you have a standard policy contract with the insurance provider, you must take steps to keep your home in good repair with no lack of maintenance.

If you fail to do that, you’ve essentially “broken” the contract, meaning the insurance carrier doesn’t have to provide coverage.

Your best bet here is to keep your air conditioner in good working order, even if that means calling in an inspector every season.

The cost of an inspection will almost certainly be less than the cost of repairs water damage your unit might otherwise cause.

When Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage from an Air Conditioner Leak?

For homeowners in the Ark-La-Tex, the answer as to when your homeowners insurance covers leaking air conditioners is a bit more complicated than you might expect.

Unfortunately, most policies do not provide coverage for this type of issue, as it is considered to be an appliance malfunction or wear-and-tear issue.

This means that if your air conditioner begins to leak, you will likely be responsible for covering the cost of repairing or replacing it.

However, some policies for Louisiana property owners may offer coverage for certain types of appliance repairs or replacements.

It is important to read through your standard policy carefully to determine if this type of coverage is included.

You also want to know if the cost of repair or replacement proves less than your homeowners insurance deductible.

In some cases, you may be able to add additional coverage for appliance repair and replacement on your insurance policy if it isn’t already included.

It is also worth noting that some homeowner’s policies may provide coverage for losses caused by water damage.

This could include flooding from a leaking air conditioner, as well as other types of covered water damage such as burst pipes or broken washing machines.

If you think this type of coverage may be applicable to your situation, it is important to contact your insurance company and determine the exact details of your policy.

Overall, Louisiana homeowners’ insurance typically does not provide coverage for leaking air conditioners. However, some policies may offer limited appliance repair or replacement coverage, and water damage caused by a leaking air conditioner may be covered under certain circumstances.

When it comes to dealing with a leaking air conditioner, the most important thing is to take swift action in order to minimize further damage.

If you suspect that your air conditioner is leaking, it is important to contact a professional repair service as soon as possible and determine the extent of the problem and necessary repairs.

This will help ensure that any potential damages are contained and repaired properly before they become worse.

When Doesn’t Home Insurance Cover HVAC?

You will likely have to pay for damage to your HVAC caused by events and covered perils not covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

For example, if your AC unit is ruined in a flood, your homeowner’s policy likely won’t offer coverage because flood damage is excluded on most policies.

Another important consideration: normal damage from normal wear and tear isn’t covered.

In fact, neglecting the system and having it break is not covered either.

If your AC goes kaput after living a good, productive life, it’s up to you to replace it.

How to Document an AC Leak Claim

When filing a covered claim for water damage from an AC leak, documentation is essential. The right documentation makes all the difference when it comes to getting a fair and accurate claims settlement for your AC leak.

Your AC leak documentation begins when you first reach out to your insurance company about the issue. It is best to gather as much evidence as possible about the AC leak to build a proper claim file.

Make sure to seek out a professional AC technician to help your claim by analyzing your problem and providing you with documentation describing the issues.

Your insurance company will ask for professional documentation since your coverage depends on the reason for why the AC leak happened.

It is also a good idea when you have an AC leak to collect visual evidence with photos or videos.

Do this before any repair service.

Keep in mind, what happens during the beginning stages plays a significant role in the outcome.

As the property owner, take decisive action when documenting and filing a claim, but also make sure you minimize the chances of having to do either of those by preventing any lack of maintenance.

Your independent insurance agent should help you submit proper documentation to your insurance provider to see that your settlement provides enough to fully repair all of the damage caused by the AC.

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