3 Common Home Insurance Claims in Shreveport

A standard home insurance policy provides financial protection for homeowners in the event of damage or loss to their property. It is designed to protect homeowners from various risks, such as fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Homeowners insurance typically covers the physical structure of the home and the contents inside. Think furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. Additionally, it may provide liability coverage in case someone is injured on the property and the homeowner is held responsible. Homeowners insurance is usually required by mortgage lenders, as it helps safeguard their investment in the property.

Paying a premium for the right types of coverage limits (e.g., dwelling coverage) on a homeowners policy, can bring peace of mind. You have peace knowing you have financially protected in case of unexpected events.

One area that can cause a disruption in your peace of mind is having to make a claim and seeing your insurance costs (i.e., insurance rates) increase for your standard home insurance. You want to make sure it is a covered claim before filing, and you should always get help from your insurance agent prior to making a claim with your insurance carrier.

The level of service needs to increase, not decrease at this critical moment.

Your claims history does help determine present and future insurance costs. And if you have to make a claim, you want to have the best customer service from the insurance companies and agents to assist you along the way.

Let’s look at 3 of the most common claims paid for by insurance carriers and how you can keep the cost of homeowners insurance down by being proactive.

financial protection for homeowners

Water Damage Claims

Water damage claims are common in Shreveport, Louisiana due to several factors. Leaks in pipes and plumbing systems are a leading cause of water damage claims. These leaks can go unnoticed for prolonged periods, leading to significant damage to walls, floors, and furniture. Burst pipes, often caused by freezing temperatures during the winter months, can also result in extensive water damage.

Sewer backups are another prevalent cause of water damage claims in Shreveport. When the sewer system becomes overwhelmed or blocked, it can cause sewage to back up into homes, leading to contamination and significant damage. These backups can occur due to heavy rainfall or issues with the municipal sewer system.

Natural disasters like hurricanes and heavy rainstorms also pose a significant risk of water damage in Shreveport. Hurricanes can bring heavy rainfall and strong winds, resulting in flooding and water damage to homes. Heavy rainstorms can also overwhelm drainage systems, leading to water intrusion in basements and ground-level areas.

In summary, water damage claims in Shreveport, Louisiana are commonly caused by leaks, burst pipes, sewer backups, hurricanes, and heavy rainstorms. Homeowners should take preventive measures such as regular maintenance and inspections to minimize the risk of water damage and ensure they have adequate insurance coverage in case of a claim.

Fire and Smoke Damage Claims

When it comes to home insurance claims, fire and smoke damage are unfortunately all too common. Whether caused by a small kitchen mishap or a devastating house fire, the aftermath can be devastating. In these situations, it’s crucial to act swiftly and follow the necessary steps to ensure a smooth insurance claim process.

First and foremost, ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones by evacuating the premises and contacting emergency services if needed. Once the fire is extinguished and you’ve ensured everyone’s safety, begin documenting the damage thoroughly. Capture photos and videos of the affected areas, including any structural damage and personal belongings that have been destroyed or damaged. This documentation will be crucial when filing your insurance claim. Contact your insurance company immediately to report the claim and provide them with detailed information about the fire and smoke damage.

They will guide you through the next steps of the claims process and provide any necessary forms or paperwork. It’s important to note that the cleanup and restoration of fire and smoke damage can be intricate and require professional assistance. Finding a reputable fire restoration contractor who has the expertise and equipment to assess the damage, mitigate further issues, and restore your home to its pre-loss condition is essential.

When filing your insurance claim, ensure you include all required documentation, such as the photos and videos you took, the contractor’s estimate and invoices, and any other relevant paperwork. This will allow your insurance company to process your claim more efficiently and help you recover from the fire and smoke damage.

Theft and Vandalism Claims

Shreveport is a vibrant city with a diverse community, but unfortunately, it also experiences its fair share of theft and vandalism. Understanding the common causes of these claims can help homeowners protect their properties and make informed decisions about their home insurance coverage.

High crime rates in certain areas of Shreveport contribute to the prevalence of theft and vandalism claims. Neighborhood characteristics often play a role, with properties located in areas with higher crime rates being more susceptible to break-ins and acts of vandalism.

Another factor is the presence of unattended properties. When homeowners are away for extended periods, their properties become enticing targets for thieves and vandals. Lack of security measures, such as security alarms, surveillance cameras, and well-lit exteriors, can also make homes more vulnerable to criminal activities.

Opportunistic burglaries are also common in Shreveport. Thieves often take advantage of unlocked doors, open windows, or easily accessible entry points to gain entry into properties. This emphasizes the importance of securing homes properly to deter potential burglars and reduce the risk of theft and vandalism.

By understanding these common causes, homeowners in Shreveport can take proactive measures to safeguard their properties. Installing security systems, securing doors and windows, and taking precautionary actions when leaving their homes unattended can help deter potential thieves and vandals. Additionally, having comprehensive home insurance coverage that includes theft and vandalism protection will provide financial security and peace of mind in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Preventing Claims

Homeowners in Shreveport can take proactive steps to prevent common insurance claims. Three of the most prevalent claims are water damage, fire damage, and theft. Here are some tips to help homeowners mitigate these risks and maintain the safety of their homes.

To prevent water damage, regularly inspect and maintain your home’s plumbing system. Fix any leaks promptly, and ensure that gutters and downspouts are clear of debris to prevent water from pooling near the foundation. Installing a sump pump and maintaining proper drainage around your property can also minimize the risk of water damage.

Fire prevention starts with having working smoke detectors on every level of your home and in each bedroom. Regularly test these detectors and replace batteries as needed. Additionally, keep flammable items away from heat sources, and have your electrical system checked periodically by a professional.

To deter theft, ensure that all entry points to your home are secure, including doors, windows, and garage doors. Install deadbolt locks, upgrade to sturdy doors and windows, and consider installing a security system. You should also keep your home well-lit, especially at night, and avoid advertising expensive purchases by disposing of packaging discreetly.

By implementing these preventative measures, homeowners in Shreveport can significantly reduce the risk of water, fire, and theft claims. Not only will this provide peace of mind, but it can also lead to potential savings on insurance premiums.

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Beyond our expertise in handling home insurance claims, Watley Insurance Group goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. Our team of experienced insurance professionals is committed to helping clients understand their coverage options and ensuring they have the right protection for their homes and personal belongings.

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