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Peace of Mind for Rental Property Owners

Vacation rental insurance offers a smart solution to the risks associated with hosting your home as a short-term rental. It can provide coverage for property damage, lost income, bodily injury and more – allowing you to plan for the unexpected and give yourself peace of mind. From picky renter protection to guest animal liability protection, vacation rental insurance is tailored to the needs of those who are sharing their spaces with others by offering coverage for their specific liabilities and properties. For landlords ready to open their homes or apartments up as short-term rentals, vacation rental insurance offers smart protection against previously unforeseen accidentals and damages.

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With the growth of services like Airbnb and VBRO, short term rentals have become much more available for travelers. You can never be sure who will rent out your property, so it is prudent to have insurance coverage to protect against the liabilities that go hand in hand with owning and operating short term vacation rentals.

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