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“I have used Wayne Watley/Watley Insurance Group for both my car and homeowners insurance for about 7 years. Mr. Watley is as friendly as they come, and he has always worked hard to get me the lowest rates he possibly can. He has been right there, every single time, to help me navigate all matters re: insurance, and I always...and will always...recommend him to everyone I know who is looking for insurance.”

- Misty R.

“I have known Wayne for a long time. He has always been a man of his word. When we needed insurance for our business he provided everything we needed at a great price. I highly recommend...”

- Jim G.

“Watley Insurance Group has been nothing but excellent. I was 2 days away from my premium expiration and they were able to save my family hundreds of dollars each month on such short notice. If you're looking for better coverage and to save money, choose Watley!”

- Mikayla A.

“Wayne and his team are awesome. They have shopped for me as my renewal was coming up without even telling me and called out of the blue to say, “Hey your renewal was coming up and we found a different company with more coverage for a smaller premium. Do you want to switch it for you?” And I said… “Duh!” The service is always great too. I don’t have to shop around for insurance, they do it for me. If you give them a shot, he will be your last insurance agent until you die. Unless you move to Mexico or something like that… I don’t think they can sell insurance there.”

- James W.

“I absolutely appreciate commendable business and Mr. Watley provides that. The reason I say this is because when I had issues with my insurance awhile back he was ready and willing to make changes that best fits you and your budget and another thing I admire is his patience. He understands if you can’t and he is not in a rush to get your money. That alone speaks volumes so I would recommend anyone to him.”

- Trenton C.

“Wayne and his staff are absolutely amazing. When you reach out for assistance they are always there, willing to listen and they treat you like family. I can say one thing... If you aren't with Watley Insurance then you aren't with the right people. Thanks for everything Wayne!”

- Tanya L.

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